Tuesday, 15 July 2008

How to bring back old component palette look to BDS 2006

I am very big fan of Borland C++ Builder ! I just love it!
I’m not just big fan of BCB, but big fan of Borland ( Code Gear )!
But there are just few things I just cannot understand:
- Why new versions of BCB don’t look like BCB 6 and BCB 5?
- Why doesn’t component palette look like palette in these old versions?
- Why doesn’t IDE look the same as BCB 6 IDE or BCB 5 IDE?
- And why was IDE build in .NET (if I have been well informed) ? It’s so slooooow now!

Well, to be honest, I do know the answers to some of these questions, but it all seemed better, nicer and faster in BCB 6 and 5. And everything had original Borland look that I liked…

If you (like myself) would like your BDS 2006 to look like BCB 6 as more as possible, I can help you with one thing: to get your component palette to look like the one in BCB 6.

Few days ago I downloaded and installed DDevExtensions 1.5
You can download it from http://andy.jgknet.de/dspeedup/index.php?page=DDevExtensions
The installation is quite simple. As a matter of fact, it could not be easier than it is…

There is an installer ( .exe ) provided. Just run it, and follow the wizard. In a few seconds you’ll have your DDevExtensions installed.
New ( old ) palette is not going to be shown by default. In order to activate it, go to Tools -> DDevExtensions options,

and under “old palette” just select “Active”.

The old palette look is not the only thing you’ll get. I like “Search component” too.
Just start tipping the name of component you need, and it will find it for you…

I didn’t test DDevExtensions yet, but it looks promising and I’ll sure give it a try!

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