Monday, 19 October 2009


Na je izašao moj novi post, ovaj put posvećen priči o rownum-u u Oracle RDBMS-u.

Tema može biti interesantna ljudima koji ranije nisu detaljnije čitali o ovoj pseudo koloni.
Objašnjeno je  njeno pravilno korišćenje u upitima , i skrenuta pažnja na neke česte zablude u vezi rownum-a...


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Struts2 config-browser plugin

Great thing that I recently discovered in struts2 is the ability of exploring the entire configuration that Struts2 uses to run your application by just including one .jar file - Struts2 config-browser plugin.jar

Using this plugin is quite easy…
All you need to do is to add  struts2-config-browser-plugin-2.x.x.jar to your project.
No other action is required!
Now, after you deploy your project, open config-browser by calling index.action inside config-browser namespace.

for example:


After you run it, you’ll get a page containing entire configuration of you application.
You can click on any action you have mapped inside your struts.xml and see all the parameters set for it…

And not only actions!
You can explore the  struts constants too, for example…

and other things…

Try it! You could fine some interesting things, and it could actually help you when developing or maintaining application…