Wednesday, 12 November 2008

God bless debugger

Have you ever wrote a code , and when you looked at it you just felt proud you wrote it.

And then you decide to try it, and at some moment you find out that it has some kind of a bug?!
Fortunately, you are able to fix a code in a short time, like you always do…
Then you take a good look at the code and at some point you say to yourself “No, there’s no way there’s something wrong with it!”
Then you keep on trying , and you test it more and more, you write it again and the damn bug just keep on playing with your brain… “What wrong? Where did I made a mistake?”

So, have you? Yes? No?

Well, I have!

Not very often, but once or twice in a while...

Oh, and yes , I forgot to mention: the worst thing is not the fact that you have a bug in your code!
Noooo: the worst thing is that your application is a network-based and you have several instances of it communicating in VPN so you don’t know is it something a bad network does to it, some kind of a collision, unplugged cable, a firewall, bad code, some bad admin’s setup, is there some older version communicating with the new ones or just some of 1000000 other possible reasons… yes, that’s the worst thing about it!

Fortunately, there’s something called debugger!
If you develop software for living , you will soon find out that a good debugger is your best friend!

There isn’t a problem you can’t solve in a few minutes!

Unfortunately it seems that many developers have forgotten this.

It's really fascinating that debugger isn't used as often as it should...
I think this is one of those must-know-how-to-use things, and every developer should now how to use it, but at the moment I don’t know many people who does.

Even if they know how to use it, they never do…

I use NetBeans IDE . It has a great debugger!

I always use it when there's a need.
I find my self able to spot and fix a bug in a very short time, no matter how big, small, stupid or hidden it is, but few days ago… Man, I wanted to buy my debugger a beer!
That is when I decided to write about it on my blog.

There’s no way I could solve those problems that fast without it!
I would be stuck for hours trying to find a problem…

Now, it all works just fine… ;-)

How often do you use debugger?

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Anonymous said...

I agree you. Thank you!!